pinched nerve in neckExperiencing a pinched nerve in neck is hurtful, painful and very devastating. All what a person wants is to get rid of the pain and get back to their normal life.

Causes of pinched nerves
Pinched nerve comes as a result of pressure on the nerves from a damaged disc, inflammation, muscle tear, injury, arthritis, or any other disease.

Symptoms of pinched nerve neck
Symptoms of pinched nerves include pain in the neck, numbness, weakness or tingling in your extremities. The pain moves from the vertebra through the shoulder and then down the arms into the fingers.


How to get rid of pinched nerve in the neck?


1. Understand the diagnosis

Before you decide on any kind of treatment, there is need to fully understand the diagnosis. A pinched nerve in the neck can be caused by compression to the nerve, bone spurs, or a herniated, arthritis. If the symptoms include numbness, sharp pains, muscle spasms and muscle weakness, this can be signs that the condition is pinched nerve.


2. Get enough rest

The best way to get rid of pinched nerve pains is to rest. One should avoid overworking the neck by doing repetitive movements or heavy lifting. You can sleep for some extra hours as this is the natural way of giving your body some time to repair its damaged tissues.


3. Use brace or splint to immobilize the injured body part

For pinched neck pains, one can use neck brace to help in holding the muscles still throughout the day. This can be very effective in healing pinched nerves in your neck.


4. Ice and heat

Pinched nerves can be painful and swollen. To ease the pain, swelling, and increase blood circulation you can use ice and heat on the area of pinched nerve. Apply ice 3 to 4 times within 15 minutes to reduce inflammation. After icing, use hot water bottle or heat pad to increase blood flow which in turn speeds up the healing process.


pinched nerve in neck5. Massage

Applying pressure to the affected part can reduce tension and pain. A full body massage will induce relaxation in all the muscles which will in turn relax the affected body part as well. One can also get a massage near the pinched nerve area as this will give more specific relief and help the nerve to heal. However, even as you massage you should avoid intense deep-tissue massage and pressure as this can worsen the pinched nerve leading to increased pain.


6. Take medication

Pinched nerves can be haled with the use of medication. One can try taking non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs to ease pain and swelling. These medicines may include aspirin and ibuprofen. There are also some medicines that are specifically meant for pinched nerve treatment.


7. Healthy diet

When it comes to pinched nerve, there are food substances that can help in the treatment. For example:

Increased calcium intake can be helpful. One should eat calcium rich food which includes cheese, milk, yogurt, and vegetables such as spinach and Kales. One can also decide to purchase calcium supplement.


Fewer intake of acidic foods. This should be avoided during the healing process. Such foods include; citrus fruits and coffee.


More foods with potassium.Pinched nerve in the neck can be caused by lack of potassium. To rectify potassium deficiency, eat foods rich in potassium. These foods increase; bananas, avocados, nuts and apricots. One can also drink fluids like orange juice and skim milk to help in potassium absorption.


pinched nerve in neck8. Exercises

Exercises can also help in healing pinched nerve. You can exercise your neck placing minimal amount of stress on the affected area. Inactivity can lead to muscle weakness which can slow the rate of healing.


Don’t allow pinched nerve in neck hinder you from carrying out your daily activities. With the above tips on how to get rid of pinched nerve in neck you will be more fit and healthy!

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