pinched nerve in neck exercisesPinched nerve in neck is a condition that occurs as a result of nerve compression in the neck region and pain is one of its major symptoms.The body sends pain as a warning signal when the nerves extend from your spinal cord and brain.It is important to get a diagnosis and treatment for this condition as early as possible in order to avoid severe damage.Any pressure on a nerve causes pinched nerves and this occurs when the nerve is pressed by body tissues.

You can treat a pinched nerve in the neck by yourself.Some simple home exercises will be very helpful in alleviating the symptoms.


The easiest way to deal with pinched nerve in neck is to do some exercises. There are several exercises that are quite effective.

☞  The first exercise requires you, as patient suffering from the problem, to stand straight. Then, as you look straight ahead, tilt your head towards the right shoulder. After that, bring the neck slowly to its original upward position and then tilt it towards the left shoulder. Of great importance, ensure that every right and left movement is controlled and not jerky. The recommended neck stretch is at least 6 times about 3 times a day.


☞  The second exercise is also very simple. Stand straight, and then bring your hands close to the thighs. Next, stick your chin in and bring your head forward, as if you are going to bring your chin to the chest. From there, gently lift up your head while allowing your chin to remain tucked in. Bend your neck backwards as far as possible. Repeat this exercise up to 7 times about 3 times a day.


Besides these two exercises, there are other simple, yet effective exercises that can be used for treating nerve in neck complication.


pinched nerve in neck exercises☞  One of these exercises is walking. This exercise falls squarely in the category of low-impact aerobics. This simple exercise has been found to be very effective in relieving pain caused by a pinched nerve. It must be noted that walking increases circulation and aids in improving overall health. As you start your walking program, it is advisable to start slow then work your way up until you can walk for 60 minutes. Alternate your walking pace. First, walk for 10 minutes at the normal pace and then walk faster for 5 minutes. Continue alternating during the whole workout session.

☞  Yoga is also an excellent way of dealing with pinched nerve in neck. On its part, yoga is essential in increasing flexibility and reducing muscle tension. You may need to understand that the pain coming from the neck is caused by nothing else besides muscle tension. Yoga, luckily, will help you relax body muscles, including those to be found on the neck.


There are more  Pinched nerve in neck treatment info.

Stretching and isometric exercises are also helpful in combating pinched nerve in neck problem. As a patient, however, you must understand that these exercises are effective, yes, but will serve you best if you consult your doctor first. All the best as you deal with the problem.

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